Hi frets, Dawn here.

Get to Know Me:

  • I’m turning 29 in a few months.
  • I love exploring, learning cultures and meeting different people.
  • I heart food.
  • Very forgetful.
  • K-Drama Addict
  • Writer and Photographer Wannabe
  • A sucker for sunrise and sunsets


“Hakuna Matata” Just like Timon and Pumba’s movie, I want to live each day without worries.  It’s pretty idealistic, I know. It can’t be helped that I have bad days but I just don’t want that to be the highlight of my day. There are other things that you should be thankful for.

My Blog – I♥Life

I want my blog to be full of everything. When I was doing this, I was solely considering of just putting up a travel blog but I’m someone who think things out of random so I decided to be full of different things. These might be something I ♥ or hate. ^^

Join Me

I’ve always love writing and this time, I hope that I’d be able to push this through. I’m no expert and I hate to have my experiences kept for myself. I’d love to share the beauty and happiness that I feel with everything that I do.


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