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Lapu-Lapu Food Trip – Cookpub

안녕하세요 친구/Hello fretz!

Just had a lovely night with my fretz last weekend! Because of our “gorr” (old) vibes, instead of going to a BisRock (Bisaya Rock) Band, we ended up far away from the party peeps and ended up eating out.

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Liloan Must Go-to – Cornerhome Cafe

Hello fretz!

It’s been a while! I hope you all had a great weekend.

While others, might have been curing their hangover or still having their drinking spree this weekend, my sister and I decided to go check out places to hangout to for a few hours. Continue reading “Liloan Must Go-to – Cornerhome Cafe”


Where to Eat in Pampanga: Oppa Korean Restaurant


With the increase of Koreans visiting the Philippines and the addition of die-hard K-Drama and K-pop fanatics, you must have noticed that Korean restaurants are popping up everywhere.  Korean Restaurants in all shapes and sizes have been sprouting out in the city, whichever place you go. If you happen to be visiting Angeles City in Pampanga, you might want to check out Oppa Korean Restaurant, which is one of the frequently visited Korean restaurants in the Pampanga.

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