I♥Clark – Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2017

Every year, Clark’s tourism shoots up because of the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Locals and foreigners alike, flock the Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga to see different organizations flaunt their hot air balloons fly up in the air. For locals, this has been a great family bonding with their kids or a great hangout with your fretz/barkada/katropa, whichever it is kids and adults of any ages will definitely love this event.

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Where to Eat in Pampanga: Oppa Korean Restaurant


With the increase of Koreans visiting the Philippines and the addition of die-hard K-Drama and K-pop fanatics, you must have noticed that Korean restaurants are popping up everywhere.  Korean Restaurants in all shapes and sizes have been sprouting out in the city, whichever place you go. If you happen to be visiting Angeles City in Pampanga, you might want to check out Oppa Korean Restaurant, which is one of the frequently visited Korean restaurants in the Pampanga.

My friends and I checked it out and here’s the verdict.


  • WiFi
  • Unlimited Coffee and Kimchi
  • Food is delicious
  • Affordable


  • Poor Customer Service (probably because they are open 24-hours and the employees were exhausted)
  • They forgot to serve one of our orders.
  • Wait time is pretty long

Fun F*cts:

Oppa ( 오빠 ) or older brother. It is used by girls when addressing older guys. This is also by girls to show affection with the older guy.

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Overall, Oppa Korean Restaurant is must visit place for Korean foodies. I enjoyed the food a lot and it was certainly worth the wait.















First I♥Blog Post

Hi, Frets!

 My name is Dawn. I’m currently working for a BPO company for ten years now. Since I was a child, I’ve always want to travel around the world. Although, I have not done that but I’m hoping to do so in the future (fingers crossed). I’ve started a blog multiple times but never had the time to set it up and make it at as presentable.

I’m always good with starting something but eventually, I’ll grow tired of it and leave it behind.  I don’t want to put my memory to waste since I’m super forgetful. In my mind, I’ll always say, “I’ll do this. I’ll make my blog like this. I’ll make it perfect. I won’t post yet because it’s like this,” but saying all those excuses, ended up not having updated my blog at all. In the end, decided to delete that. This time I’m starting from scratch, so please bear with me, you’ll see some bits of pieces here and there but I will definitely post something. I’m looking forward to posting my life experiences with you.

♥Dawn ^^